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Oooohh yeah! I'm going tonight to see my baby tonight!

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! I hope everyone is enjoying today.

Love Bullets

I totally love this song too.I got this from youtube, it has the lyrics and song.Try seeing through either links.


Ok so I sent a test. Here goes. "I swear, that if I am found to be the individual who has evaded banning by going under another LJ ID, the mods may ban this LJ ID from the comm without any need for further explanation.

Writer's Block: Don’t look back in anger

The only regret I have for this year, is not looking for a job sooner in the year instead of waiting for the obvious outcome of knowing your going to fired. I have always told others your have a choice to look for something better, whether it was to go back to school and get an education in a field that will offer something better or if you have the skills to look for another job elsewhere. I should have followed my own advise and left my job sooner instead of waiting for the enitvible to happen. Now, I'm going back to school in Jan and Iuckily for me I was only unemployed for three months till I found a job working part time for the city public library. I count my blessings and I gratefull for all this experience hurt, stress, faith, strength, and sheer will to get things done desperate to obstacles I was faced not knowing how to drive, traveling long distance by foot and sometimes relying on friends to give rides when they could. I'm truelly grateful and really I shouldn't regret anything really. Because I was strong enough and capable to get back on my feet despite the economic downturn effecting everyone differenlty. I definitely count my blessings day by day.

Writer's Block: B.Y.O.B. Holidays

Which December holidays do you celebrate, and why? One random answer will win a $50 Amazon gift card. [Details here]

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Yay! I found a part-time job.

Well since I got fired from my job of five years at non-profit soup kitchen, I proudto say I got a part-time job working at a public library. Yes, I know it's a dangerous place for me since I love to read books and partically lose myself in its' row of shelves of book. :-/ Nonetheless I'm happy that I have a job, and dispite the fact that I'm due to deliver my second child either Nove 14th ot Dec 2nd. I'll still have a job waiting for me, I don't plan to be out no more that a week maybe less than that. I love this job.

My Favorite Soup

Since I posted one my fav soup for a VF Cookbook contest. I decided to post on my LJ page the dishes I love to eat the most. So my second soup to eat is Creamy Cauliflower Soup  with pesto.

Creamy Cauliflower SoupCollapse )


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VF Recipe: Feilong: Thai Chicken & Coconut Soup
* Recipe: Thai Chicken & Coconut Soup
* Username: Bellieswtpea
* Why this dish: Since Fei Long is Chinese. I thought what delicious comfort food would he eat if nothing else could comfort him, but a dish from his country.
Plus it's light and filling.
Thai Chicken & Coconut soupCollapse )
VF Recipe: Feilong: Thai Chicken & Coconut SoupCollapse )

Writer's Block: The one that got away

Do you believe in the concept of a soulmate? Do you think you've met him or her? Do you ever worry that "the one" got away?

Yes, I do. I had an on again, off again relationship with someone very dear to me. We were together for over ten years. We had great chemistry, had the same interest, open minded, loving, and we could talk for hours. We were both very passionate about each other and about life. However, he had a drug habit that getting more and more destructive and the went by. I could no longer stand by him, and watch him kill self anymore. He refused to stop and I had to let go. I haven't anyone that made me feel the way he did, but I doesn't stop me from hoping that there another kindred out there for me to love. Although he won't be the same as the first, but some equally unique and hopefully drug free.



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